A day in the life of JoAnne..

3rd June 2015 

This is a random post of my meal at Frankie & Benney's. Had such amazing week celebrating my Best Uni mate 19th Birthday. 

My order
Never ate at this Restaurant. However, i decided on Garlic dough for starters and main i opted for Fries and Carbonara. Definitely had a lot on my plate. Not complaining though. 

Gran Canaria

A brief background. Gran Canaria is one of Spain's Canary island. Off northwestern Africa. 

I was Scrolling through my gallery and stumbled across these photos. of course, i had to document the time i had on my blog.  I stayed at the hotel Paradise Valle Taurito for 7 days. The hotel was honestly beautiful from the clean rooms to the lovely atmosphere. The beach is only 5 minutes walking distance to where i took part in fun activities. 

Gran Canaria  was a lovely destination to fly off to and enjoy a little TLC. would recommend this trip to all the families out there.