Oh Hello there, 

My name is Joanne Kolawole and I am 19 years old. Living in London. However, currently attend university studying Adult Nursing :). i am the third born out of eight and i am an Aquarius. 

The purpose of this blog is really a form of expression. My aim is to document random life events and experience. pretty much like a journal that anyone can access. I also will post fashion and beauty items. Throughout my teen stage i have watched Youtubers and bloggers  blossomed such as Patricia bright, Beautycrush and the Uglyfaceofbeauty progressed in to amazing role models. Furthermore, they have been the main inspiration to create a blog.  As young teen i understand the pressure in todays society is overwhelming. For instance, to wear make-up and to be in a relationship. 
 Hopefully, i can empower youngsters and have positive impact on individuals out there who is searching for their identity.